20-minute Virtual
Demo = FREE XP
Hand Instrument:
a $70 value!

During this 20-minute demo, you will learn

  • What makes XP® Sharpen-Free instruments unique
  • How our EagleLite® resin handles provide exceptional ergonomic comfort
  • The modified scaling technique that is gentler on your hands & wrists
  • Advantages for your patients and your practice

What XP Users Have to Say

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Angie Stone, RDH, BS
Founder and CEO, HyLife Oral Health Alliance Author, Amazon Best Selling Book, Dying From Dirty Teeth
I no longer stress out over my instruments being dull and not having time to sharpen. American Eagle Instruments have taken that stress off my plate. I love having extra time to spend on other things…like my patients.
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Andrew Johnston, RDH
Co-host - A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast
American Eagle Instruments, specifically XP Sharpen-Free instruments, have changed how I practice clinically and I will love them forever for that. My ergonomics are better, my patients are happier and healthier with the lighter shaving stroke, and my practice is able to retain patients because of how much more they enjoy their hygiene appointment!